Largo comes from the famous "Vikar" kennel in Czech Republic. He is a medium sized, masculine male with a strong, dominant temperament and natural aggression. Largo has powerful crushing grips and fast strikes. He has explosive ball drive and is a natural tracker.

We expect Largo to produce dogs that will excel in top sport or law enforcement.

IPO3 HD/ED normal

2015 Mideastern Regional IPO3 Champion
96 94 98 288 (V) !!!

Sire: V-Georg vom Lupus in fabula, SchH3, IPO3, KKL1 a-normal, (4xBSP), ZW: 76 (3/12)
(Asko v.d. Lutter-'98 Bundessieger/'00 WUSV World Champion, V-Falko v. Haus Sindern-LGA, V-Aly v. Vordersteinwald-BSP)

Dam: Ebony Amarcord, SVV1 0/0
(Sid v. Haus Gremm-BSP, V-Nick v. Heiligenbösch-WUSV/BSP, V-Yoschy v.d. Döllenwiese-BSP)

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